Infants & Toddlers

Our Infant Program (Nursery) cares for babies from six weeks of age up to fifteen months old and is centered around the individual routine of each baby.  Sleeping and eating patterns may be the same or different between children.  Our staff gives careful attention to each child's individual needs.  Crying children will be comforted and physical touch is given in the forms of hugs, rocking, cuddling, and playing.  

Our Toddler Program (Noah's Ark) begins for children when they are around fifteen months old.  Developmentally, children are typically playing side-by-side at this age instead of playing cooperatively.  Our toddler curriculum introduces them to learning and play activities that peak their interests and helps them to develop and master emerging skills.  

Both of these programs provide parents and caregivers with a daily communication sheet which outlines important care-taking tasks such as diaper changes, nap times, eating and drinking, outside play or buggy rides, and more.  It also highlights important information that staff would like to pass along to families.

Individual portfolios are completed over the course of the year to document each child's developmental progress.  These portfolios become a keepsake for the family at the end of the school year.

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