We are a non-denominational Christian center dedicated to providing a safe, healthy and nurturing environment for every child.  We care about every child individually and strive to maintain a fun and caring atmosphere that promotes positive social interactions and mutual respect of others.

Our goal is to make a lasting positive difference in each child's life.  We aim to do that by providing age-appropriate, child centered activities that will stimulate your child's intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, and physical development.  We recognize the importance of providing high quality learning experiences which include Bible stories, prayer, and character development.  By exploring new opportunities through play, learning, and extracurricular arts, our wish is to promote a positive self image for every child and challenge them to reach their full potential with their individual skills and abilities.  

Our role is not to replace the family unit but to partner with parents and caregivers in providing the best social interactions and nurturing care that is essential The difference we make today will be the difference your child makes tomorrow!  

It is our hope that the lives of both you and your child will be enriched because of your association with us.

Our Mission

​​1st Place Winner

Windham Eagle Choice Award 2018 & 2019

A Joyful Noise

Christian Daycare & Learning Center, Inc.